This article guides you through how to get started with your new MEDI-BOOK instance. Please follow the guides in order top to bottom below to successfully configure MEDI-BOOK.

Depending on how you want to configure your MEDI-BOOK system and which features you choose to use then you may not have to work through some of these steps.

Functional aspects to get started with.

MB0136 – How to set up Permissions Management

MB0013 – How to add or manage your email settings.

MB0089 – Wonde Configuration.

MB0149 – How to manage/add departments.

MB0148 – How to manage/add first aid types.

MB0127 – Changing the subject and body text of an email in MEDI-BOOK.

MB0121 – Report Headers and Message Configuration (Email).

MB0146 – Adding options to the system for the accident form.

MB0133 – Adding options to the system for the illness form (Covid Symptoms etc).

MB0147 – Adding options to the system for Medication Manager.

MB0012 – How to add or manage a login account.

MB0090 – Wonde Data Sync.

MB0123 – MEDI-BOOK Home Screen (What each button does)

Your MEDI-BOOK instance is now be configured and ready for use.

Now to check your information is correct.

MB0065 – How to manage staff information.

MB0066 – How to manage year group information.

MB0067 – How to manage registration group information.

MB0068 – How to manage pupil information.

MB0069 – How to add new pupil information.

Useful Extras

MB0101 – How to access the email queue.

MB0125 – Offline Accident Management (Mobile App).

MB0092 – How to access the audit trail.

MB0134 – Adding a report to the email queue.

MB0129 – COVID-19 Reports.

MB0130 – COVID-19 Bubbles.

MB0144 – How to confirm receipt of accident information in the Parent Portal.

MB0027 – How to add medical room notes to an existing pupil incident record.

MB0150 – How to see if a parent/carer has signed for receipt of a specific accident report.

Last Update: May 20, 2021  

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