In this article you can find out how to access Offline Accident Management and how to use it within MEDI-BOOK.


Recording an Accident when Offline (no WIFI/mobile data)

NOTE – The browser you open the MEDI-BOOK Webapp on MUST NOT be on private browsing, as it won’t save the accident record you input to the cache ready to uploaded when you regain access to data or WIFI.

1. Firstly, you must have access to either WIFI or mobile data in order to load and login to the MEDI-BOOK Webapp.

2. Once successfully logged in, you may now remove yourself from mobile data or WIFI, notice in the top right of the screen it says ONLINE before you remove yourself from mobile data or WIFI.

3. After this is completed, refresh the browser. You may get a message along the lines of “Mobile Data is Turned Off“, select OK on this message and refresh again.

4. You will notice in the top right of the screen where it previously said ONLINE, now says OFFLINE, this is how you know you can input an accident record whilst without mobile data or WIFI.

5. You can now use the drop down menus to record the incident. When inputting the name of the person involved, you will notice that you have to type the name out fully as the search feature is disabled when you’re offline.

6. Once completed, select Save. The message Accident Successfully Saved will appear in a green box.

7. Next, you MUST close down the browser page and return to your Home Screen.

8. Now, when you are able to, reconnect to WIFI/mobile data.

9. When you have reconnected to WIFI/mobile data, reload the MEDI-BOOK WebApp using your browser.

10. Once loaded and you have logged in, a message will appear saying “Sync Successfully Completed” followed by the number of accidents uploaded.

11. When you see this message, it means that the record has been uploaded to the Offline Accident Management area, you will now have to follow the below instructions on how to reach this area.

Matching a record

1. First you must login to your MEDI-BOOK account, this account must have Administrator privileges.

2. Select MEDI-BOOK from the bar at the top of the screen.

3. Now, select the Accident Management menu.

4. Followed by Offline Accident Management.

5. Now you will have the Offline Accident Management menu on the screen.

6. You will see any records that have been recorded with the MEDI-BOOK WebApp on the screen, the next and final step is matching them with the person’s profile so they can be viewed just like any other record.

7. In order for you to match the record, you must select the drop down menu for either, the class list or the full list of every pupil in the school, and then locate the pupil that the record is for.

8. Next, you must select the pupil.

9. Now, once selected, click Save, followed by OK.

10. You will see the message, Record successfully saved, appear on screen, this notifies you that you have matched the record correctly and it has been added to the pupils history of accidents.

Last Update: June 22, 2021  

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