This guide details how to sign to confirm receipt of accident information in the Parent Portal.


1. First you must login the MEDI-BOOK Parent Portal (app.edu365.org.uk) using the credentials you have been given.

2. Now the user will be faced with the Portal Home Screen, they should then select Accident Reports.

3. Once the Accident Reports menu loads, the user should see their child’s name as a clickable option on the screen and select it.

4. When the child’s name is selected, the following screen will then show all accident reports that the child has had logged in the MEDI-BOOK system from newest to oldest.

5. Next, select the report that you need to send a confirmation receipt, to do this, click the relevant green ID number that correlates to the report you are selecting.

6. Now the user will be faced with the accident report information, they will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to the confirmation receipt area.

7. To sign as confirmation, hold the left mouse button and draw the signature if on a PC/Laptop. If using the Parent Portal on a mobile device, simply use your touchscreen to draw your signature.

8. Next type your full name in the name box.

9. Finally, click submit to send the confirmation of receipt.

Last Update: May 26, 2021  

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