This guide runs through the Employee Lateral Flow Testing feature of MEDI-BOOK.


1. First you must login to your MEDI-BOOK account (edu365.org.uk), this account must have Administrator privileges.

2. Now you will have the MEDI-BOOK Home Screen in front of you.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the home page so that all seven main MEDI-BOOK clickable options are visible.

4. Now, select Student Lateral Flow Testing.

5. You will now have a list of everyone who is being tested. It’s then down to the user to select the employee that have tested negative using the tick box before their name, once this is complete, they can then click the grey Mark as Negative Test Received button in the top left of the screen’s menu. The user can also filter by name by using the search bar on the right hand side.

6. If an employee tests positive, the user will have to click the green Positive Flow Test button and then fill in the appropriate dates and answers to the questions on the menu that comes up.

7. The positive test will then appear on the person’s individual report within MEDI-BOOK.

Last Update: April 21, 2021  

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