This guides details the basics of using your Yealink phone with 3CX.

NOTE: You don’t need to dial 9 when making a call.


Making Phone Calls

There are many ways to complete a call:

1. DIAL: To make a phone call.

  • Take Handset/SPEAKER/Headset off-hook or press an available LINE key (activates speakerphone).
  • Enter the phone number
  • Press the SEND key

2. REDIAL: To redial the last dialed phone number.

When the phone is on hook, press SEND key directly to redial.

3. USING CALL HISTORY: To call a phone number in Call History

  • Press the History button to bring up the Call History Menu.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to select type of history.
  • Select phone number using the arrow keys
  • Press OK to select
  • Press OK again to dial.

4. USING THE PHONEBOOK: To call a phone number from Phonebook Go to the phonebook by:

  • Pressing the Dir button.
  • Pressing the DOWN arrow key to select Phonebook.
  • Press the Ok button to Enter.
  • Select the phone number by using the arrow keys.
  • Press OK to select.
  • Press OK again to dial.

Answering Phone Calls

Incoming single call:
Answer a call by taking the Handset/Headset off the hook or pressing SPEAKER, also you can answer by pressing the corresponding account LINE button.

Incoming multiple calls:
When another call comes in while having an active call, the phone will produce a Call Waiting tone. Answer the incoming call by pressing its corresponding LINE button. The current active call will be put on hold.

Call Transfer

To transfer a call – Press the “TRANSFER” button, then dial the number and press the “SEND” button.

Last Update: July 15, 2020  

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