How to set up a Microsoft Teams meeting.


1. First, go to the Calendar Tab on the left hand side of the screen, this brings up your calendar, followed by Schedule Meeting.

2. Now, select the arrow to the right of the New Meeting button, in the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. Once you’ve clicked the arrow, now select Schedule Meeting.

4. This will bring up the meeting scheduler. Fill in the fields with the appropriate information.

Add title – Title of your meeting.

Add required attendees – Person/people you want to invite to the meeting (full email addresses for everyone, including attendees that aren’t part of your organisation.

Date Field – Choose the date of the meeting and the times from which the meeting will take place between.

Repeat Field – Choose using the drop down box whether this particular meeting is a regular occurrence or not.

Channel Field – Only enter anything in this field if you are meeting with a particular team (must be a team channel on the Teams app for this to work) as once the meeting becomes a channel meeting it cannot be changed and everyone in that team will be able to join.

Location Field – Only add anything to this field if it is relevant to your meeting.

5. Next, if you wish to add any details about the meeting, do so in the box provided.

6. Finally, click Save in the top right of the screen to save the meeting.

Last Update: September 28, 2020  

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