Allowing external people to access a Teams meeting as a guest

Please be advised….

  • If the person you are inviting does not have teams, they may be asked to download and install Teams and/or a browser plugin.
  • You may not be able to send to external invitees if you are not a team owner, if this is the case please let me know as we may be able to change this however it will mean that anyone will be able to add an external invitee to any teams.


Creating a meeting to allow external users

  • Access teams on Office 365 or using the Teams App.
  • Click on the Calendar.
  • Click on the Meet Now camera icon.
  • Click on the New meeting.
  • Type in the title of your meeting.
  • Click on the Add required attendees field.
  • Type in the full email address of an attendee, the system will try to search for an internal name, keep typing until the full email has been typed in.
  • Click on the Invite list that appears under the recipient name.
  • Continue adding recipients both known and unknown.
  • Set a time and date. You can overwrite the start time with a specific time outside the 30-minute increments.
  • Optionally you can add a Channel (Team group) and a location for the meeting.
  • Type in the details of the meeting that recipients will see when they get an invitation.
  • Click Send to send the invites out.

Accessing the meeting

  • Go into the calendar entry.
  • Click Join.
  • Click Join Now.
  • When the recipient tries to join you will get a notification in the meeting with the name of the recipient and two buttons, View Lobby or Admit, click on Admit Clicking on the X in the notification it will decline their attendance.
  • If you are not ready to invite the external recipient yet click on the View lobby button. This will put the recipient in the lobby waiting for you to admit them, the recipient gets a message saying that someone will admit them soon.
  • When you are ready to admit them click on the tick mark next to their name in the lobby.
  • The recipient will be entered into the meeting.
  • If you wish to decline them click on the X next to their name in the lobby.

Notes for MacOS users

After creating the meeting for the first time please restart your Mac and if installed Chrome for MacOS is preferred.

Last Update: May 19, 2020  

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