This guide shows you how to access the Email Queue and the options within it.

Note – If the email in the queue is a “batch”, this means that it will be sent automatically at the end of the day by the system.


1. First you must login to your MEDI-BOOK account (edu365.org.uk), this account must have Administrator privileges.

2. Now, faced with the admin portal dashboard, select Reporting from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

3. Once in Reporting, select System Reporting.

4. Now, select Email Queue.

5. You will see different coloured buttons on the screen.

6. When clicked, the green button “To Be Sent”, shows the user all emails (including batch emails) that are in the queue ready to be sent.

7. When clicked, the red button “SENT”, shows the user all emails (including batch emails) that have been recently sent out as well as showing the recipient and subject.

8. For any email or email batch in the queue, you have four action options; “REMOVE BATCH“, “SEND“, “ADD BATCH” and “ARCHIVE“.

9. “REMOVE BATCH” allows the user to stop the email being automatically sent at the end of the day that its added to the queue on, allowing the user to choose when to send it by using the SEND button as and when they want to.

10. “SEND” allows the user to choose themselves when they send the email, once clicked the email will be sent directly to the recipient.

11. “ADD BATCH” allows the user to re-add any email back to the batch scheduler if they had accidentally removed it from the batch or if they removed it and now actually want it sent at the end of the day not right then and there.

12. “ARCHIVE” allows the user to remove an email from the queue list if it was placed there by accident or no longer needs to be there as it has already been actioned.

Last Update: June 16, 2021  

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