This guide runs through how to access the MEDI-BOOK Parental Signed/Not Signed Reports.


1. First you must login to your MEDI-BOOK account (edu365.org.uk), this account must have Administrator privileges.

2. Next, you must navigate to the MEDI-BOOK Dashboard (not the Home Screen which is called Dashboard across the top menu bar) you can do this by click on the big yellow rectangle on the Home Screen which says Accident and Illness Management Dashboard.

3. Now once faced with the MEDI-BOOK Dashboard, you will see two coloured blocks. One green and one red. This is how you access the signed/not signed reports.

4. For the Signed Report, select the green block. And for the Not Signed Report, select the red block.

5. When you click on the chosen report you will have options along the top of the report such as Today Only, Save as PDF, View PDF and Date Range. When choosing a date range, the user will need to click Submit Date Range after choosing their date range in order to see the report for those dates.

Last Update: September 15, 2021  

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