This guide explains where to find the COVID-19 form on MEDI-BOOK.


1. First you must login to your MEDI-BOOK account (edu365.org.uk), this account must have Administrator privileges.

2. Now on the admin home screen you have a number of clickable options.

3. You will see four visible options across the screen, however you will need to scroll down a little bit to reach the COVID-19 form.

4. Select, COVID-19 Entry.

5. Now, you will have the COVID-19 form in front of you, fill in the form as you would a normal MEDI-BOOK accident form by searching for and selecting the person then using the check boxes and adding any extra notes.

6. Once done, check that you have filled in the reported date/time and an estimated return date/time based on Government Guidelines, if completed, click Save Record in the bottom left of the form.

Last Update: April 21, 2021  

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