In this article you can find out how to manually sign in as a visitor within Inscribe VMS


1. First you must login to your Inscribe VMS account.

2. Once you have logged in select Visitor (yellow button on the left).

3. Next you’ll need to know if you’ve been preregistered or not. If not, choose the option most applicable to you, (Parent In, Supply Staff In or Visitor In). If you have been preregistered, select preregistered.

4. Next, if you aren’t preregistered accept the health and safety policy and complete each field (Full name etc) then select next. If you have been preregistered, search by your name or email address to find your details.

5. The next step is to select whether you have a DBS or not (applicable for preregistered visitors also).

6. You will now be taken to the photograph screen, get yourself in shot and then click the Take Photograph to continue button in red, this will take the photo, now click the green Submit button.

7. Finally, select Print badge label and wait for the staff member to hand it to you, you are now signed in.

Last Update: April 21, 2021  

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